Open a bank account in Credit Agricole and get even a full year of Unlimited membership for free!

  • Open a bank account in Credit Agricole using promotion "CINEMA CITY – Łap nawet rok filmów za free". You can easily do it in the CA24 Mobile App
  • Choose one of the VISA cards for your account
  • When you receive the card, activate it in the CA24 Mobile app or make a transaction using a PIN code
  • Log in to your online account on the Cinema City website  
  • In the UNLIMITED tab, add the Credit Agricole card with Cinema City logo as a payment method for the Unlimited subscription
  • This card will be charged with consecutive recurring payments for the Unlimited subscription. You will receive a refund if you additionally pay with your card 10 times every month. Terms of promotion CINEMA CITY – Łap nawet rok filmów za free" apply
  • To collect codes for popcorn log in to the CA24 mobile app. The codes will be available after you have met the conditions in Korzyści – Klub Korzyści – Moje nagrody.

What are the benefits of the promotion?
You can get:

- a refund of up to 100% of your Unlimited subscription, but not more than 50 PLN per month and not more than 600 PLN in total and 12 codes for popcorn (1 popcorn 1,5l/month). You can receive a maximum of 12 refunds within 18 months from the date of opening your bank account using the promotion "CINEMA CITY – Łap nawet rok filmów za free",

- popcorn codes. You can get up to 12 popcorn - one code for 1.5l/month popcorn.

When and where can you take part in the promotion?
The promotion runs from 1st of February 2023 to 31st of May 2024. To take part in the promotion, sign a contract with the Credit Agricole bank and open a bank account until 31st of May 2024. 



Cinema City Unlimited is the first subscription program in Poland offering the possibility of watching unlimited movies on the big screen in Cinema City cinemas. As a cardholder, you have more than 200 premieres each year. That's not all! You can enjoy a 10% discount in Cinema City bars and cafes, as well as option to participate in preview shows dedicated for club members only, which are running a few days before the official premiere.






You can join the "CINEMA CITY - Łap nawet rok filmów za free" promotion until May 31, 2024, if you use or join Cinema City's UNLIMITED program. The bonus is up to 12 refunds for subscribing to the UNLIMITED card, up to PLN 50/month and PLN 600 in total, and up to 12 codes for popcorn - one 1.5l/month popcorn. You can receive the bonus and popcorn codes within 18 months of account opening. To take part in the promotion: 1) sign an account agreement with a VISA Debit card by May 31st, 2024. 2) agree to marketing offers and don't cancel them for 18 months from account opening ; 3) pay for the UNLIMITED card subscription with your account card for no less than 12 months within 18 months from account opening, and pay with your account card, mobile or BLIK min. 10 times per month. To take advantage of the bonus - free popcorn additionally be the owner of the CA24 mobile app and download codes. You cannot use the promotion if you had an account with our bank after Decmeber 31st, 2021.
The promotion does not combine with other promotions that apply to the account. For details, see the Terms and Conditions of the promotion. Information about the account is specified in the Regulations of accounts for individuals, the amount of fees and commissions specified in the Table of fees and commissions of accounts for individuals. The listed documents are available at bank offices, CA24 Infoline and at

The material is for informational purposes.