It is said that Wednesday is like a "little Saturday". There is no doubt that a little bit of entertainment in the middle of the week makes it much easier to wait for the weekend. And if you combine the latest hit movie with a great ticket price for the show, then it's high time to celebrate!

Every Wednesday, your ticket to a Cinema City at a price: 

From 16,90 PLN for 2D movies


Check out the Cinema City REPERTOIRE for next Wednesday!


1) The price " Cinema Wednesday" can only be used on Wednesdays, except for public holidays (these days are to be priced according to a weekend price list). The "Cinema Wednesday" price does not apply to other promotions and discounts offered by Cinema City and our partners.

2) "Cinema Wednesday" price does not apply to IMAX cinemas, 4DX® and ScreenX™. The prices for VIP Zone in VIP Krakow Bonarka and VIP Wroclavia is different due to specific of the format. Please check the prices for VIP in your cinema pricelist.

3) ) The "Cinema Wednesda" price does not apply to special events organised in cinemas that day.

4)  In the case of 3D shows there is an additional fee for the purchase of 3D glasses. The amount of the fee is in accordance with the price list of particular cinemas. We encourage you to take the glasses with you after the show. You can use them next time you visit our cinema, and the fee will not be added again. The 3D glasses may not work in a cinema other than the one where they were purchased. In cinemas with Dolby 3D you cannot take your glasses with you after the show and the fee is always added.