Ladies Night is the perfect time to get away from everyday duties, go somewhere with a friend or a whole group of friends, and maybe even spend some nice time with your sister or mother. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and it's best to relax in the company of other wonderful women in a comfortable cinema armchair. The event consists of two parts: a quiz with prizes from partners and a film screening. During Ladies Night we laugh together, we are moved, we hold our breath, but above all we have fun!

Next edition will take place on June 6th, 2024 with the screening of film MR. BLAKE AT YOUR SERVICE.

Ladies Night - Mr Blake at Your Service

CAST: John Malkovich, Fanny Ardant, Émilie Dequenne, Philippe Bas
DIRECTION:Gilles Legardinier
GENRE: romance, comedy, drama
PRODUCTION:France, Luxemburg 2024

This time we will see the screen adaptation of Gilles Legardinier's bestselling novel “Completement cramé!”, published in 22 countries. FILM DESCRIPTION: Having reached an age when almost all the people close to him have left or scattered around the world, Andrew Blake doesn't even feel like joking around with his friend from his youth, Richard, anymore. On a sudden impulse, he decides to hand over the reins of his small English company to a trusted assistant and take a job as a majordomo in France, his late wife's native country. On the spot, no one knows his true identity, and he likes it that way. Unfortunately, when Andrew shows up at the Beauvillier family estate, nothing looks like he imagined... Widow Nathalie, his boss, surprises him with peculiar customs.... It's not easy to find common ground with cook Odile, given her explosive character and hidden secrets. The young housekeeper, Manon, seems lost and distraught. The estate's manager, Philippe, who lives deep in the park, keeps at arm's length with the rest of the estate's residents for some reason. Well, and one still has to get into the good graces of an imposing tomcat named Mephisto. Andrew knows he no longer has a choice. He, who was convinced that his life was coming to an end, will have to start it all over again....