Inception: 5 scenes to experience in 4DX

It pains us to say it, but Christopher Nolan's rule-breaking mind-heist movie Inception is now 10 years old. And we're celebrating the film's first decade with a special 4DX re-release in Cineworld from 12th August. It comes as we anticipate the release of Nolan's mysterious new movie Tenet on 26th August.



This is the first time that Nolan's movie has been screened in the UK in 4DX. The format's immersive effects will further plunge you into the realm of the subconscious. Moving seats, water, wind and other effects promise to lend a tactile, visceral edge to this thrilling espionage caper.



Scroll down to discover the Inception scenes that you need to revisit in 4DX.


1. "The dream is collapsing"

The architecture of the mind falls in on itself during Inception's jaw-dropping opening scene. As Dominic Cobb's (Leonardo DiCaprio) latest heist plot (actually extraction, rather than inception) is foiled, Hans Zimmer's portentous score cues us into what happens next. Falling masonry and billowing jets of water exemplify Nolan's love of practical effects, and we have the tactile feel of the fragility of the subconscious. And you can feel this tactility with the water and wind effects of 4DX.


2. Mombasa chase

Once again, Zimmer's music is the driving force in expanding and enlarging the atmosphere of Inception. Propulsive drums hurtle DiCaprio's Cobb through the alleyways and coffee shops of Mombasa (Tangier in reality), with that final squeeze through an impossibly tight gap coming off as intensely claustrophobic. This is the perfect sequence for showing off 4DX's moving seat effects.


3. Paris is transformed

How do we arrive in a dream? And what are the possibilities once we're inside? During one of Inception's most famous and jaw-dropping scenes, Cobb teaches fledgling architect Ariadne (Ellen Page) how to construct and populate a subconscious world. The moment where she flips a Parisian street on top of another is a testament not only to Nolan's extraordinary vision but the power of the big screen image. Prepare yourself for the seat-shaking 4DX experience when that street locks on top of the other.


4. The hallway fight

Nolan admits that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt got a fierce workout during the filming of this pivotal fight sequence. As the various layers of the subconscious begin to unravel, essential concepts like gravity take a backseat, and Nolan's own imagination takes over. A ceiling full of lights becomes a hallway filled with dangerous obstacles in one of many remarkable scenes that turn the ordinary inside out. And, thanks to 4DX, you can feel it in your seat.


5. The attack on the fortress

Did you know that Christopher Nolan's favourite James Bond movie is On Her Majesty's Secret Service? Inception's final battle is designed as an homage to the George Lazenby movie, seeing as it's set in the snow and involves an attack on a seemingly impenetrable lair. However, said fortress in this instance safeguards the most personal secrets of Fischer (Cillian Murphy), upon whom inception is being enacted. Don't miss the wind, water, scents and shaking effects of 4DX that make you feel the sequence, as opposed to just watching it.